Education & Beyond India Pvt. Ltd. (E&B)

French Olympiad

Considered best French Olympiad in India since 2012, it has provided school children an institutional set-up to put to test their knowledge of French language as well as culture & civilisational aspects of France. 

French Olympiad has seen a constant support from the Diplomatic Missions of francophone countries in India.

Educational Trips to France

E&B is the pioneer in India to offer educational trips to France for Indian school students. 

These trips offer a unique opportunity to school groups to visit France and learn from native French experts in some of the best language schools recognised by the French Ministry of Education. The participants enjoy an international exposure with students from all over Europe coming to study at these schools in France.

E&B strives to provide a real French life experience through a stay with French host families.

LANGERS Teacher Training

These training programme are gestures of gratitude towards the teaching fraternity where the best experts in the domain come forward to share there expertise at some of the most prestigious institutions in India. 

Langers International bears the cost of these training sessions.

The trainings are conducted by some of the best known experts in FLE, Didactics, TICE and other domains related to teaching French.

Francophone Expressions

This is an annual Short Story and Poetry writing contest in French. Francophhone Expressions provides a creative opportunity to sudents in schools and in universities and showcase their talent. 

Students having acquired French competence of are invited to participate.