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School Exchange programmes

Our sincere belief is that travelling and interacting with people makes us more tolerant and understanding humans.

School exchange programmes

E&B can assist you in identifying a possible partner school, preparing the itinerary and find good deals on transportation.

A real exchange with a partner school abroad


As safe as your own host families. They ensure that the guest students do not stay out late and have a comfortable time with their own child.

They also take care of the food habits of the guest students (allergies, veg./non-veg., medical specifications etc.)

It is the school’s responsibility to make sure adequate insurance is arranged for the visit. 
Check what is covered in the insurance. Think about:
*financial protection
*travel issues, such as cancellation, loss of luggage and early return
*third party liability
*medical assistance
*accident and serious illness
*legal assistance fees
*special insurance for particular circumstances such as outdoor activities
*protection from Covid-19 cancellation.
Check if the school’s insurance already covers teachers and staff for accident and liability while abroad. 

You should check that everyone has their own passport or apply for a group passport if applicable.
To be eligible to enter India, the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, your passport will need to meet the following criteria:
Valid for at least a further six months.
Less than ten years old (even if it has less than six months validity left)
Remember that you will need to provide return ticket or onward travel details as proof for your visit. 

Visas are obligatory travel permissions that are required while travelling to India or to European countries.

Each country has a separate set of regulations which must be adhered in order to receive the visa.

The visa application is a tedious process and demands utmost attention.

Check the visa fee and the visa processing fee

E&B Offers

For Indian schools

E&B will find a partner school abroad to host your school group. The key element in the programme is “reciprocity“. What we expect from another school should be the same that we are ready to offer.

Schools abroad in the European Union are mostly “public” that is government schools (around 85%). They are all equally placed and do not have any kind of hierarchial system of “good or less good” schools. They are equally good and are equally appreciated. Schools with a vision of internationalisation are the ones, like your school, seeking an exchange programme.

E&B will find a school in the country of your choice. However it is not necessarily possible to find a partner school in the choice of your city.

We try to find a school with the same age group of students which helps in creating quick friendships.

It is mandatory for schools in the European Union to have an academic project on which they work with the partner school in order to get Govt. approvals for starting an exchange programme. Your school hence must share a similar academic project with E&B.

E&B prepares a programme itinerary based on your school’s suggestions.

This itinerary will be shared with the schools abroad for their approval/suggestions/modifications.

Kindly note that it takes several weeks before the final programme is mutually agreed upon by both the schools. Your school coordinator must remain actively involved with E&B in order to quickly finalise the programme.

If you need suggestions for programme itinerary, E&B can help you for the same.

E&B wii provide guidelines to Indian/French schools on how to fill the visa application forms.

E&B will share websites/ weblinks/online guides which will help all the participants in creating and correctly filling the visa application forms.

E&B will also provide guidelines/weblinks for the preparation of each “dossier” of visa application.

The school coordinator will have to take the visa appointment, much in advance, directly through the destination country’s visa application portal.

The school will pay the visa fee and the visa processing fee directly to the visa application centre of the destination country.

Each visa form of a student should be filled by the parent. Each form is linked to an email ID where the updates can be received.

E&B will guide the coordinator teacher on the preparation required to submit the visa applications of the group members at the visa application centres of the destination country. Physical presence of all the group members is mandatory for the submission of the forms.

E&B can contact, on behalf of the school, various travel agencies (maximum 5) to get best tarifs for the international air-tickets.

The school is free to purchase either from the travel agents contacted by E&B or through some other travel agent.

E&B will not purchase the air tickets directly.

E&B can contact, on behalf of the school, various travel agencies (maximum 5) to get best tarifs for the international travel insurance.

The school is free to purchase either from the travel agents contacted by E&B or through some other travel agent.

E&B will not purchase the travel insurances directly.

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